Sunday, June 23, 2013

99% done

The outside is almost completely done.  I need to paint a few spots, and finish the raised flower bed on the right side.  I ran out of materials, unfortunately.  A rain barrel will be installed on the left side, along with flowers and herbs.  I will eventually install a ductless HVAC split unit in the garage, and the condenser will be on the right side, along with more flowers and herbs.  .

The inside is almost completely done also.  I just need to finalize the tool and bike storage, and also fix the kegerator.  I have ethernet and coax hookups in the garage, so I can watch or stream Norm and the guys from This Old House while I'm building furniture.  


  1. This is AHmazing! I'm trying to do something similar with my shed in my backyard. Any recommendations on electricians? I was hoping to save on cost by digging the trench myself, running the wire, and only have the electrician connect the ends. Do you know what would be a ballpark cost for that? Thanks.

    1. Hi Susan, Email me through the contact form on the right, and I'll send you the info for who I used, along with some of the others from which I received quotes. Most companies will let you do some of the work, but it depends on your experience level. I know most of the applicable residential building codes, and I'm also an electrical engineer, so I was allowed to do more of the work. I definitely recommend using a licensed electrician for this level of work.