Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Richmond Kitchen

This was our kitchen in Richmond before renovation.  Everything was original to the 1950's house. Since the dishwasher was under the sink, it was only a 3/4 high dishwasher, which was very weird.  I thought about keeping it, but no, it had to go.  I was able to reuse the cabinets in the utility room.

The stove / range was weird also.  The burners actually slid out from the range, and it had a double oven above the burners.  I opted to let the seller keep it for sentimental purposes.

The floors were linoleum, but I had hardwood installed when the floors were refinished.  I installed new cabinets and appliances, and moved the kitchen sink to be under the window.  The kitchen was small, which was somewhat tight for 2 people trying to work in there at the same time, but the new layout created the ideal kitchen triangle, where the prep surface, sink, and stove are all reachable from a central location.  It also had plenty of cabinet space, which was great, since we had no pantry.

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